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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

BMW 1 Series 3 Doors 116i Price And Specifications. (Petrol)

BMW 1 series 3 doors 116i
The BMW 116i car, member of BMW series 1, is a 3 door family sized decent car. Released in 2009 is available in both diesel and petrol engine. This 4 seated, rear wheel drive car is available in both 6 speed manual and automatic transmission. For further BMW 116i specs see below.

(The following specifications are for the petrol engine version of BMW 116i)


Price : $26,812 USD / 19,201 Euros
Released : 2009
Category: Mid Size Family Car

0-62mph : 9.8 secs
Top Speed : 126.8 mph
Combined Fuel Consumption : 46.3 mpg
Power Output : 122 hp

Engine Specifications:
Location :Front and Longitudinal
Engine Type : Inline, 4 Cylinders
Valves : 4 Per Cylinder
Max Power : 122.00 PS (90 kW or 120 HP) at 6000 Rev. per min
Max Torque : 160.00 Nm (16.3 kgf-m or 118.0 ft.lbs) at 4250 Rev. per min
Engine Displacement : 1595 ccm (97.33 cubic inches)

Weight And Dimensions
Weight :1320 kg (2,910.1 pounds)
Max weight with load : 1745 kg (3,847.1 pounds)
Towing weight : 1200 kg (2,645.5 pounds)
Overall length : 4250 mm (167.3 inches)
Overall width : 1760 mm (69.3 inches)
Overall height : 1440 mm (56.7 inches)
Ground clearance :150 mm (5.9 inches)
Wheelbase : 2670 mm (105.1 inches)
Fuel capacity : 53.0 litres (14.00 gallons)

Monday, 1 February 2010

BMW Officials Hopeful For Revenue Growth In 2010 Despite Recession.

The global recession has badly effected the world and many giant car manufacturers are facing difficulties in operating profitably or even with positive cash flows. Huge losses has already put a great pressure and now the businesses are seeking for radical steps. Despite these hardships, the BMW officials are hopeful and speculate there revenue ti increase but in a single digit percentage.

New models are expected to be unleashed therefore expecting economic recovery in the year 2010. BMW was already ahead of its competitors in terms of sales units in 2009 where 1,068,770 BMW branded cars were sold. With projected sales of 1.3 million units is 2010 the BMW is anticipating 22% increase in sales units.

One of the BMW official Reithofer said:
The BMW Group can start the new year with a certain amount of optimism. New models will provide tailwind over the course of the year. We fully intend to remain the world’s leading provider of premium vehicles in 2010 and plan to increase sales within the single digit percentage range to over 1.3 million units

BMW has a fair reason for this optimism. With its highly successful version of series 5 in 2009, this march will witness some of sensations in the form of The new BMW X1 and BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo models.